We are a Vancouver-based group of music- and art- lovers who like to see every possible penny of a ticket purchase price go to the artist. Although we know that there are very real costs associated with processing ticket purchases, we think that most ticket purveyors are being a bit greedy (we’re looking at you TicketMaster).

Obscene service fees are simply a barrier to entry; they are irritating at best and make supporting live performance unaffordable at worst. That benefits no-one ... including the ticket reseller.

So we poured countless volunteer hours into building a safe and secure online ticket processing centre. It is dead-simple for the promoter to post a show and even simpler for you purchase a ticket to it.

The only costs added to the list price of the ticket are used to pay our credit card commissions and our internet service provider and host fees. And hopefully, as we get bigger (with your help), those fees will be reduced.

We’re paid by getting to go to the shows for free ... kinda our favourite thing.

If you have any questions about our process that can't be answered on the FAQ page, or if you'd like to sell tickets using our engine (which we think you'll really like) please contact us here.