Q.  Why do you use PayPal?

A.  There are two reasons we've chosen to use PayPal. Firstly, PayPal allows direct debit purchases, which we think is a huge benefit. Secondly, PayPal is simply the most secure method by which you can make online purchases. For example, we are never given access to your credit card number or any other personal information.

Q.  What if I don't have a PayPal account?

A.  If you hit the 'Purchase' link on a KodinTickets page, you'll automatically be sent to a PayPal page wherein you either sign-in or sign-up. You simply enter your contact information and your payment method of choice (Direct Debit, Visa, MC, etc) and you've got a PayPal account … which I guarantee you'll find quite handy in the future.

Q.  Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

A.  A refund is at the behest of the Promoter or Venue. We are just the guys in the middle. But from what we know, most Promoters in this city are pretty swell.

Q.  What if I didn't receive a confirmation email? Or lost the internet (or something) in the middle of the purchase process?

A.  First, another benefit of PayPal is that you can log-in to your PayPal account and see all your recent purchases; that’ll indicate whether the purchase was completed or not. If there is a purchase listed, but you haven't received a confirmation email, please contact us here and request a duplicate. And don’t forget to check your junkmail!

Q.  What if the show is cancelled or postponed?

A.  Once you've made your ticket purchase, your monies and your contact information are sent directly to the Promoter. In the case of a show cancellation or postponement, the Promoter will issue options or a refund directly to you.

Q.  Is there a limit to how many tickets I can buy for any one show?

A.  Generally, yes. The limit is set by the Promoter and is usually 6.

Q.  If I'm not available, can I send someone else to collect my will-call tickets?

A.  No. As you can imagine, we need to ensure that the purchaser of the tickets is the person picking them up. At will-call, you'll need to provide us with government issued picture identification and a proof-of-purchase in order to retrieve the tickets.

Q.  What is the cut-off time for online ticket sales?

A.  That is set entirely by the Promoter and will largely depend on the method by which the tickets are being distributed. For example, if tickets are being mailed there will be a two-or-three day Canada Post turnaround.

Q.  How can I sell tickets via KodinTickets?

A.  A great question! Simply contact us here.